Governance and management team

 The Assembly


According to the Statute of the Cluster, we have:


The Assembly, comprising all the members and constituting the highest management body of the Cluster. The Assembly is run by its President.


The Management Board is managing the activities of the association between sessions of the Assembly, and it consists of seven members. The President of the Management Board manages its work.


The Cluster Manager is responsible for running the association in coordination with the directions of the Assembly and the Management Board.


The association can have permanent or temporary working groups which can deal with tasks and issues of interest to the members and the association.


Board members

Rade Nikolov
Rade Nikolov – "Photon Optronics",
Chairman of the Board

Bratislav BlagojevicBratislav Blagojević – "Feniks BB"

Vladan TodorovicVladan Todorović - "Advanced Security Technologies"

Marko SmiljanicMarko Smiljanić – "R&D Institute NIRI"

Sasa KocicSaša Kocić – "Proxima medical"

Aleksandar MilincicAleksandar Milinčić – "PSR Solutions"

Bratislav Milovanovic
Bratislav Milovanović – "Innovation Centre of Advanced Technologies"

Goran JovanovicGoran Jovanović – "Tagor electronic"

Miroljub BoskovicMiroljub Bošković - "Ingsoftware"


Management Team

  • Goran Mladenovic

    Goran Mladenović

    Trainer, coach, consultant, technology evangelist and inspirational speaker. Technical background. Strong leadership attitude in the twelve years of working on managerial and specialist positions (Operations, OD & HR, Project Management) mostly in international corporations.
  • jana

    Jana Stevanović

    Cluster assistant. Working on clusters administrative jobs, as well as the preparation and implementation of projects. Bachelor in Economics. A serious approach to training in the area of project management. Supporter of environmental protection. A lover of books.