Forum of Advanced Technologies

Reasons for the Project Initiation: The absence of a clear picture of the development and investment capacities, possibilities and potentials of the city of Nis and the degree of development of the advanced technology sector, both in the local community and on the national and regional levels, insufficient communication between system institutions and research, development and educational institutions with the manufacturing sector and their poor cooperation.

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General Objective: Presentation of the city of Nis as the center of advanced technologies on the basis of the existing institutional and productive resources to the representatives of relevant ministries, research and development institutions, donor and diplomatic community, regional development agencies, etc. and the establishment of a traditional meeting which will be held every year and which will be directed to the achievement of the general project objective.

Specific Objectives:
• Gathering all the stakeholders in the field of advanced technologies, education and economy in order to map insufficiently promoted potentials of the city of Nis and its resources in these sectors and establish synergies in order to achieve economic development, attracting new investments and promotion of the city and the region;
• Exhibition of products in the field of advanced technologies (working title MADE IN NIS);
• Linking of educational institutions with manufacturing companies in the sector of advanced technologies on the basis of the presented and identified potentials/needs;
• Creating conditions for the establishment of chains of suppliers of large companies which are present in the local community and the SME sector through direct contacts during the Forum;
• Professional orientation and presentation of educational opportunities in the field of electronics, mechanical engineering and IT;
• Defining and initiating continuous, synchronized campaign for the promotion of the city of Nis strategic areas with the aim of boosting the economic development of the city and the region (working title WHY NIS?);
• Defining the problems, needs and topics in the field of advanced technologies for continuous organization of specialized events throughout the year;
• Presentation and maximizing the use of currently available funds that support the development of advanced technologies.

Project Organizer: City of Nis - Office for Local Economic Development

Co-organizers: National Employment Service, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis, Nis Cluster of Advanced Technologies (NiCAT)