Beginning project is the concept of one-day training for developing business ideas. The best teams and individuals after this training will be selected for a three-day Start-up Academy. 

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We were looking for the unemployed, brave, dedicated and motivated young people from 18 to 35 years of age who are interested in entrepreneurship, start-up and spin off culture or perhaps interested to work in IT Company in the development and implementation of projects, or maybe they have interests in the field of marketing and management.

50 candidates were selected on the basis of applications, and lead by the trainer Ivan Vesić (CEO and founder of English-Bulgarian-Serbian startups VetCloud. The entrepreneur, developer and health care technologist. Ivan is in investment Fund Eleven Investment Committee member and TechStars alumni. He lives and breathes in the startup ecosystem.)


Project is implemented by Nis Cluster of Advanced Technologies in cooperation with Deli and with the GIZ Yep financial support.