ICT Cluster Academy


ICT Cluster Academy Nis developed and offered two six-month training modules, tailored to the Nis region ICT sector needs. Module 1 for Software Developers and Module 2 for Embedded Specialists consists of five courses each (including two compulsory courses, same for both modules) that were developed to teach specific skills relevant to NiCAT ICT members, and included a four-month internship in one of the companies from the cluster or other companies.

1. Established ICT Cluster Academy Nis and developed a six-month vocational education program
2. Compiled ICT Cluster Academy Program Manual with the curriculum for each module
3. Standard procedure that describes knowledge, skills, methods and quality of the training program, step-by-step methodology of organizing and delivering trainings
4. Minimum twenty (20) young unemployed persons completed ICT Academy program
5. Minimum ten (10) academy participants get a job 6 months after completing the academy
6. Documents with lessons learned and best practices

ICT Cluster Academy case study

Success story