The project aim was to further promote the concept of cross-sectoral cluster cooperation through the development and implementation of innovative joint projects relating to product development, as well as developing and testing a prototype of the project and the introduction and testing of new production processes with the use of technology in the field of electro medicine - with the participation of the companies from all 5 sectors represented in the cluster, as well as several research institutions. It is a portable medical device for skin examination - dermatoscope. The project was implemented by nine members of the cluster.

1. Electrical diagnostic device domestic production - a portable diagnostic device, small, battery-powered with a built-in charger and rechargeable Li-Ion battery with innovative characteristics.
2. Improved successful model of inter-sectoral cooperation.
3. Innovation and new techniques and technologies in the optimization of production processes of the companies involved in the development and the manufacture of equipment
4. Improved capacity of companies
5. Example of good practice and potential of regional companies
6. The use of the platform developed at the development of new products