• Engineering in our blood and DNA ($600M in Electronic industry export in the mid-70s of the 20th century)

  • Passionate about quality and excellence (we work with the most demanding clients)

  • Proven results of companies (Award Winners, 20 innovative companies - grants and investments)

  • Global reach (clients on all continents and business ambassadors on three continents)

  • Competitive prices


  • Great education and University with a long tradition

  • Active Airport - 2nd fastest growing small airport in Europe in 2018

  • Nis is declared 7th city of the future in Europe (Financial Times, 2018)

  • Strong city and governmental support for technology development. Synergy of all stakeholders

  • Work, life and joy (Nishville is among 10 best jazz festivals in Europe, great cuisine and night life)


We are a business association and we have 33 companies, 4 universities and 3 institutions. Our members are active all around the world, solving complex problems and leveraging potentials of our clients.

We are active in ICT, optoelectronics, electro medicine, automation and mechanical engineering.

If you need a reliable tech solution and a genuine partnership, contact us.


NiCAT has Business Ambassadors in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Asia Pacific region and California. Within the last 2 years, NiCAT organized business missions to Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel, Silicon Valley - California, China and established a number of partnerships and opened new business opportunities. In 2019, we expect Business Ambassadors for Canada, East Coast of the USA, Nordic countries and Russia.


We believe we have a special role in today’s world. In the last 8 years we have established important networks, facilitated serious partnerships and realized 17 projects. We strive for excellence, involve and attract individuals, companies and institutions that have the same vision. We are ready to create a better world together with other individuals and organizations. (Goran Mladenovic, Ni-CAT CEO).