In today’s world the IT and high technologies are the driving force of development. Our region is marked as a region with engineering culture. We believe that there is a huge potential and opportunity for success..

    A cluster is a higher level of cooperation and collaboration. Following the proven triple helix model and best practices in cluster development, we have established a long- and short-term perspective in our work..

    An experienced cluster manager, committed board and active SMEs pursue 5 strategic directions leveraging all the potentials of regional stakeholders with thesupport of the City , and at the same time establishing links and cooperation with Regional and national agencies (NARD…), Development agencies (USAID, GIZ, EEN, SIIPO....We believe in systematic approach and create systematic solutions.

    Cluster Development
    • Institutionalization of cluster P&P development

    • Increasing the quality and quantity of the services in our portfolio

    • Financial, institutional, social and economic sustainability

    • Increasing the number of members and areas of work

    • Bringing the latest trends

    • Managerial and business competences

    • Technical competences

    • Raising awareness of the new approach

    • Bridging the gap between science and business

    • Curriculum and approach modernization

    • Transfer of the technology and knowledge among the members

    • Generation of new innovative projects

    • Boosting R&D

    • Engagement of all innovation sources

    • Exchange of experiences and success stories

    • Entrepreneurship promotion

    • Open new business opportunities in the country and abroad

    • Increasing the requirements on the domestic market

    • Lobbying for the industry and Cluster position

    • Branding the industry and region

    • Promotion of great opportunities for the youth

    • Branding the role of IT in competitiveness of business

    Role In The Community

    The role of clusters goes beyond a simple increase of competitiveness of its companies. We inspire the community and indicate that cooperation is necessary. We support initiatives that encourage positive thinking, change and openness.