Fourth Business Club in cooperation with the "Registry of the National Internet Domain of Serbia" Foundation
The IV Business Club in collaboration with the  Registry of the National Internet Domain of Serbia was successfully realized!

The lecture was delivered by the fantastic Alex Paunic on the topic "How to reach the first, second... hundredth, thousandth client in America."

We had an interactive panel discussion on the following topics:
1. Crisis in IT in 2023.
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Geopolitical situation in 2023.
4. Building organizational culture in 2023.

Thanks to the panelists Miloš Novićević, Milan Đorđević, Nenad Ilijić, Dusan Stojicevic, and the audience for actively participating in the discussion.

Throughout the rest of the evening, our guests had the opportunity for B2B meetings and socializing over dinner and wine.

The IV Business Club concluded with learned lessons, plans for the year 2024, and a clear vision for the year 2030!

Thanks to the Registry of the National Internet Domain of Serbia for the collaboration!
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