Meetup event within pilot supercluster "Laboratory of Health Technologies"

Last night, a Meetup, on the topic "Success stories from the Nis NiCAT cluster", was held in the premises of the Think Innovative Hub. The event was organized in cooperation with the Science and Technology Park Nis, within the pilot project supercluster "Laboratory of Health Technologies".

The purpose of the supercluster is to advance health through the application and development of technologies, education and innovation, while the Meetup events are designed to bring together industry professionals, researchers, startups and innovators in the field of medicine and biotechnology to exchange ideas and establish new connections.

Goran Mladenović, director of the NiCAT cluster, shared the way of working, experiences and advice, as well as the development path of NiCAT, which has been successfully operating for 11 years. After that, Slaviša Petrović, from the company Lmb Soft, presented their products and services, as well as their contribution to the industry, with the topic "Product portfolio of the company LMB Soft", which deals with research and development of new products, technologies and software in medicine, especially for transfusions. Then in front of Naissus technologies was Ivan Krasić with the presentation of the Aidline product. Aidline is a virtual voice assistant that facilitates communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

After that, Ljubiša Jovev, director of Irvas International, took the floor and presented the way of applying Odoo technology in healthcare. Odoo is a strong opensource platform with great potential for the application of specialized IS in the health and touch areas segment. The final speech was given by Saša Tančev, director of the company SmartNet Technologies, which has been in existence for more than 20 years and does business with clients across Europe and the USA, talking about products in the field of Telemedicine.

The networking session that followed was a fantastic opportunity for participants to connect and engage with each other, share their experiences and build new relationships, we can conclude that the Meetup was successfully realized. We thank all guests and friends for joining us and hope to see you at our next event!

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