Professor Bratislav Milanović has received the National Recognition Award: Kapetan Miša Anastasijević.
By the decision of the committee of experts at the Republic level, Bratislav Milanović was awarded the preeminent social award for 2020. in the category of Business vision and Contribution to the prosperity of Serbia on 07. 05. 2021. 

This prestigious social recognition has been awarded as a part of the project “Put ka Vrhu” ( The way to the top ) 
which is patronaged by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and organized by the University of Belgrade, University of Novi Sad, and Media Invent Agency.  

Professor Milovanović was awarded for his exceptional results in the affirmation of the educational, scientific, and economic environment of the Republic of Serbia. 
He is the only winner of the Kapetan Miša Antanasijević award for 2020. And the only one among the winners of the National award for the area of Regional Chamber of Commerce of Niš.
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