Spring: A time for new, educational moments - AGILE MONTH Spring 2021
New beginnings are always encouraging. Though, at the very beginning, we are often apprehensive about changes, even if there are good for us and our progress. This also includes learning processes that accompany us throughout our lives. Even in turbulent times, education has never been on a break, and now we have an enormous demand for continuous education and its implementation.

The spring educational fever has caught us all, and we are the witnesses of a significant need for additional training, especially in promising areas. Ten years of successful practice in the field of certification have enabled Agile Serbia to continue to hold the throne in terms of agile education, both in Serbia and beyond. With the full support of the global organization Scrum Alliance, we have prepared certification courses for the Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Leader roles. Also, this season, we can offer a Certified 3-day Scrum Master course, where participants can delve deeper into problems, and learn more from practical examples, as well as dedicate more hours to retrospective and discussions.

We have placed special emphasis on advanced certification courses for Scrum Masters and Product Owners because they fully address practical examples and provide important guidelines for excelling in a job that can be extremely fruitful at so many levels and segments. All participants receive the internationally recognized Scrum Alliance certificate.

It is no surprise that the interest of new participants is significant this spring, and as a result, most spots for Product Owner and Scrum Master Courses have been booked. We’ve also noticed an increased interest in further education, especially advanced certification. So far, we have certified over 1500 Scrum Masters and Product Owners.

All necessary information about the courses, price and takeaways are available on the official website www.agile-serbia.rs. You can also get additional guidelines via e-mail scrum@puzzlesoftware.rs. The spots have been booking at a fast pace, don't miss the opportunity this spring to shine in full splendor and be ready to step into new challenges.
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